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Sri Manikya Prabhu Maharaj[1812 -1865]

Sri Manikya Prabhu was born as the second son to his parents Manohar Nayak Harakude and Bayadevi belonging to Srivatsa gotra, as a jewel from the treasure of their wombs on 12th December of 1812 (on the auspicious day of Datta Jayanthi). His parents were devotees of Datta. Narasimha Saraswathi Swamy of Ganugapur was their favorite god. They did the parayana of Guru Charitra forsixteen years continuously without interruption. Pleased by their austerity and unswerving devotion,Lord Datta appeared and asked, “Desire anything, I will grant”. “We want a son like you” was the reply of the parents. As a result Lord Datta was born to them as their son. He was named “Manikya” by his parents. As the father of Manikya Prabhu died in his childhood, the burden of the family fell on the shoulders of his maternal uncle.

He is also regarded as an incarnation of Dattatreya by the people of Datta Sampraday. Whereas some Muslims believe him to be an incarnation of the saint Mahaboob Subhani.Manik Nagar is the place where he took Sanjeevani Samadhi.

The Sai Baba of Shirdi is said to have met Manikya Prabhu at Humanabad. The legend about Sai and Prabhu’s meet narrates how Sai in his fakir’s attire visited Prabhu and asked to fill his cup (lota) with money. As Prabhu’s brother Tatya Saheb tried to fill it, it never could be filled. Realizing Sai’s spiritual nature, Prabhu put two dried dates and flowers in it and the cup immediately filled up. Sai accepted the dates and flower and poured back more money than that could be occupied in the cup.

Samadhi of Maharaj

Manikya Prabhu ordered his disciples to dig a pit, in which he would leave his body and a tomb would be constructed. As already hinted to his disciples, he entered the pit and sat in it with ‘SriGuru charitra’ in his hands on the day of Margasira Suddha yekadasi (prior to Datta Jayanthi by three days) i.e. on November 29th in the year 1865. The pit was closed. Sri Manohar Manik Prabhu, the elder son of his brother succeeded the Peetha.The divine power of Sri Manikya Prabhu is still alive and vibrant fulfilling all the wishes of his devotees. For the eligible few he gives darshan. Sri Manikya Prabhu is glowing like a lace of most precious stones around the neck of Lord of world – Datta.


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